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Sunday 16/05/2010

« Experience with M Didier Vin — Podologue – Bruxelles I have been in need of regular services / care from podiatrists / chiropodists / « Fusspflege » over the years– whatever the name in various countries. Due to a mal-alignment of gait, and indeed my hobby of long-distance hiking and outdoor pursuits, I have extensive build-up of calluses on my feet, and also needed to address the misalignment of gait in terms of reducing the stresses on my knee joint through effective and custom-made insoles. I’ve lived and worked in a variety of countries over the years, due to my business assignments (Germany, Singapore, UK/England, Belgium, and most recently, USA). U was m. Vin’s patients for just under 3 years (2005-2007). Monsieur Vin has been by far the most efficient, proficient and effective provider of care for me. My calluses were treated regularly with a degree of thoroughness and attention unknown elsewhere; his measurement and subsequent fitting of bespoke insoles was extraordinary. He displays an extraordinary degree of professionalism of care, and academic interest in the subject matter that I have not encountered before. I am a physician by training / profession, albeit not at all related to the field of Monsieur Vin’s, but he has been an utter delight to deal with, and a delight to receive (highly professional / efficient) care from. I personally recommend him whole-heartedly and wish him well in his career. « ​